Operation Turkey Drop

In joint effort with Helping Hands services, Troop #43636 will be collecting donations to create a “basket” of items for a local family.  These items include non-perishable food donations and other Thanksgiving/Harvest items.  Our troop has been assigned a local family of 4.  Mom, Rubin (boy) age 13, Lyrik (girl) age 7 & Nevada (boy) age 19 months.  We are looking to collect all the Turkey fixins’ but we could include other items that are of necessity for these families.  Suggested ideas could be: Small holiday toys/games, Napkins, Plates, Napkin Rings, Place Mats (either purchased or made by GS), Food items…anything we can think of to help make this a special Thanksgiving for the family.

The troop will be donating a frozen turkey & a laundry basket to fill.  Please bring your donations to our upcoming Fire Department Day Trip on November 14th. (See posting about this event).  If you need to drop off items prior or after this date, please contact either Amanda or Crystal…we can arrange a meeting time!  If you wants, please comment on what you are brining to all can see…that way we avoid any duplications:)

What we need:

Stuffing Mix

Canned Veggies

Cranberry Mix

Pie Fixings (dry pie crust, canned pumpkin mix)

Roasting Pan


Carrots, Onions, Celery

Table decor



Plates….and so on. 

Basically anything you think could help with making this a Beautiful Turkey Dinner for this family!




  1. Melissa Dunlap says:

    We can provide stuffing and napkins!

  2. Here is what everyone signed up for at the meeting Thursday. Thank you all! Way to be Girl Scouts!
    Keelie: Potoates, Celery, Carrots, Onions
    Izzy: Gravy, Salt, Pepper, Roasting Pan, Muffin Mix
    Ally: Gravy, Chips, Dip, Chex Mix, Choc. Pie Kit, Apple Cider, Sugar cookie mix, frosting & sprinkles
    Maia: Pumpkin Pie Filling, Canned Veggies
    Ashlynn & Abbie: Cranberry Sauce, Cake Mix, Toothpaste, Shampoo
    Elissa: Napkins, Stuffing
    Maddie M: Stuffing, Dinner Rolls
    Kavindra: Jello, Tuna Fish, Cereal
    Taylor: Pie Crust, Turkey Baster, Canned Fruit, Olives
    GS Troop: Turkey, Laundry Basket

    Thanks all!

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